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Dr Diana Ferrus

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Diana Ferrus is a poet, writer and storyteller. Born in Worcester in 1953 she came to pursue her studies in Cape Town in 1973. She obtained a postgraduate degree in Womens and Gender Studies at UWC.

She has published 3 poetry collections. In 2012 she received the inaugural award for poetry. She was given the Freedom of the town in her hometown of Worcester in 2020 and in 2022 she received an honorary doctorate from The University of Stellenbosch. She received the Legends Lifetime award from the Kyknet Fiestas in March 2023.

Her poetry speaks about themes such as race, identity, gender, class and reconciliation. One of her most notable pieces is her poem, ‘I’ve come to take you home’, a tribute to Sarah Baartman. This poem was instrumental to having Sarah’s remains returned to South Africa and laid to rest.

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