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Gift Kgosi


Kgosi is a costume, set and fashion designer, as well as creative director. He was the recipient of the Cultural and Heritage Designer of the Year Award in 2022. He is he founder of No Moders Slave, The Kgosi Kimono and Dresses with Pockets

Kgosi originates from Upington, a small town in the Kalahari region of South Africa, where he was raised by his grandparents after losing his mother at age 11. His mother was an artist who had an undying passion for nature. As a designer, he draws a lot of inspiration from nature – various textures, fascinating imperfect shapes and an endless pool of colors and shades. His work is made up of a medley of identities and cultures, but he resonates more with his Khoisan roots.


This is evident in his creations, which are laced with hints of his heritage and made to reflect the rich and iconic aesthetic of Khoi people. Also inspired by traditional African regalia, Kgosi strives to recreate forgotten adornments into new designs to preserve African heritage. Kgosi is very curious about the space Africa will occupy in the future with art and design and wishes to contribute to set and costume design, not just in real time but also in the virtual world.

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