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Xopher Wallace


Xopher Wallace is a visual artist, cinematographer, conceptual photographer and filmmaker.

Between 2014 and 2022 he worked as a digital creator for Curiosity Africa, POP Art, Virtual National Arts Festival and FNB Art Joburg. He also curated an online exhibition called “Afrodelic Trip: Faces of Mixed Realities” for the Fakugesi African Digital Innovation Festival in which Wallace used artworks by fellow South African artist vonMash to design face filters and virtual galleries that presented the themes of "African mysticism and spiritual realms."

For the artist known as Xopher Wallace, it all started with a recurring dream he had as a child.

In the dream, he would speak to people around him, but they never engaged. When he looked at his reflection, Wallace realized he was only a silhouette.

In 2017, the South African visual artist decided to become "anonymous," taking the alias Xopher Wallace and wearing goggles, a morphsuit and sweatshirt in his photographs to keep his real identity a secret. For him, being anonymous means that people can focus mainly on his art and he can preserve "his authentic character."


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