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!Habesi album

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“This sound journey explores the medium of archiving ancient consciousness. Through a week of communion, a group under the guidance of |Kx’am spent time digging into the narratives and stories of Queen Dr. Ouma Katrina Esau. The project sought to venerate a living archive and consciousness of the N/uu cosmology. Thus, a series of sounds was produced through the sitting with the vibrations of her story. Each word, song, and sigh held a universe of linguistic beauty that the world hopes to see once more. This body of work gives life to the multiple genocides, epistimicides and violence’s inflicted on indigenous communities everywhere. It gives an ancient future into how we can express our knowing, and it forms part of a sacred anthology of knowledge keepers that set to inject consciousness through the alchemy of Art.” – Mntana WeXhwele

Album Credits:
Production: |Kx’am
Sound Production: Indigenous Frequency Cast
Composer: Queen Katrina
Indigenous Instrumentalist: Mntana WeXhwele
Poet: |Huuke Candice
Poet: Dr Diana Ferrus
Vocalist: Claudia Snyman
Vocalist: Clayvian du Plessis
Researcher: Hamid Ntetha

Artwork: /Xam Sam Fortuin

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